Méthajoule:a complete methanisation service offer

Designed to respond to the practical problems of the territories, the Méthajoule solution is highly competitive economically, while exhibiting performance equal to that of more mature methanisation technologies.


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Personalised service

Around three main service areas: Participation, Operation and Engineering


Medium size

Ideal for units from 250 to 2,000 kWh



Investment in local projects

Méthajoule: solutions to suit your profile

Méthajoule’s ambition is to develop new territorial energy systems from local natural resources. That is why this continuous dry method solution, capable of processing a wide diversity of inputs, is particularly well suited to medium sized units (250 to 2,000 kWh), mainly community based.

Méthajoule’s offer can be adapted to the needs of different methanisation project owners:

  • Territorial authorities (commune, community of municipalities, mixed syndicate, department, region): repurposing of local waste for the benefit of local residents and economic actors.

  • Farmers’ groups (CUMA, GAEC etc.): repurposing of farm effluents and diversification of business and revenue.

  • Businesses in the agri-food or industrial sector (dairy cooperative, farming cooperative, breweries etc.): repurposing of initial waste to meet significant energy needs.

Methanisation unit operators: advice on construction, operation and performance optimisation.

How it works: designing a territorial methanisation project

Whoever the project owner may be, the Méthajoule offer can adapt to each one’s specific needs and requirements. Support from teams on the ground is essential in getting methanisation projects accepted and approved at the local level.

Méthajoule’s expertise thus extends to six main fields:

  • Methanisation project development

  • Project ownership assistance

  • Project management

  • Operation

  • Maintenance

  • Subject-specific expertise

The Méthajoule advantage

In addition to the wise advice from its experts, this solution also offers investment or co-investment in certain territorial methanisation projects to give them greater economic viability. This opportunity to become a co-project owner is a further advantage for bringing project studies to a successful conclusion and winning over the different local partners. It is also a way of encouraging the establishment of a set of methanisation units operating across the territory.

Partnership with Teréga Solutions

Through different types of investment, we support and help the development of solutions that are in tune with our values. We give our partners the means to develop innovative technical and digital offers to encourage an energy transition to the benefit of the territories.

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