Digital simulation offerfor your gas network

From classic monitoring to the integration of renewable and low-carbon gases… Explore the
full range of possibilities with confidence, through digital simulation. Our tool gives you the
full picture of how your infrastructure is operating, so you can ensure the continuity of
operations. Step into the age of the digital twin!

network simulation offer - digital solutions

The answer
to your challenges



Optimise the operation of your network by limiting physical interventions



Benefit from easy integration into your IT system with SaaS



Explore the potential of digital simulation, machine learning and artificial intelligence

A solution that brings excellence to your gas network

The emergence of renewable and low-carbon gases such as biomethane and hydrogen
requires increasingly tight and accurate supervision of gas networks. Your challenge?
Improved anticipation of how your infrastructures will perform. Our solution enables you to
carry out a continuous simulation in real time of how your gas network is operating so you

  • Find out the calorific value of the infrastructure to ensure compliance with regulatory
    constraints and the billing of customers,

  • Detect and locate leaks,

  • Obtain forecasts of the state of the network based on estimates of future

  • Plan maintenance operations, anticipating impacts on the network,

  • Identify measurement errors / sensor failures,

  • Simulate the integration of new gases.

network simulation

Our solution: a turnkey offer to bring a more predictive dimension to your gas network management

Backed by a new algorithm and including digital simulation via the digital twin, our innovative
and high-performance tool brings not just the promise of top class maintenance, but also a
window opening onto the future. Based on Cloud infrastructures and suitable for managing
networks with renewable and low-carbon gases, our solution brings a response in real time
to your challenges for today and tomorrow.

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