IO-BASE®: the digital solutionto improve your industrial performance

Do you want to improve your industrial performance, increase your profitability or reduce your carbon footprint? With IO-Base®, you can exploit the data from your company to reach your performance targets.


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Centralise data from all your sites



A patented box for data collection


Energy efficiency

Optimise your carbon footprint



Easily create new departments for your activity

IO-Base®, a value creation solution for your company

IO-Base® is the ideal digital tool to improve your operational, economic and environmental performance. Fully upgradeable, it adapts to all kinds of business according to your needs:

  • SME and SMI

  • Industrial groups

  • Local authorities

  • Farms

  • Service companies

Based on an agile, high security platform, IO-Base® allows you to collect data from all your production sites and view it in real time, from anywhere and at any time, by creating a digital twin. By choosing this advanced management solution, you can capitalise on your data and optimise your production tools more easily, increasing your industrial performance and energy efficiency.

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Operation: security, performance and digital frugality

Easy to implement, IO-Base® can be deployed across your business in the a space of a single day! This solution requires no deployment of physical infrastructures, since it uses the best AWS public cloud services. The use of pulbic cloud and “cloud native” solutions increases the resilience and security of our IO-Base® tool, at the same time as optimising energy resources and the costs required for its operation. It provides the assurance of a reduced environmental impact with no compromises on performance.

Certification AWS

To collect data securely from your PLCs, IO-Base® can also be coupled to the Indabox solution if you have no internal tool. Indabox is a highly secure patented device using standard industrial protocols such as OPC-UA and MODBUS.

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