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Industry, elected local representatives, project owners… we help you construct your local hydrogen ecosystem, from the initial thought process to final construction. Together, we can prepare for the arrival of large hydrogen infrastructure projects!

H2 ecosystem development

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Our expertise, serving your hydrogen project

As an energy solution integrator, we oversee the development of territorial hydrogen ecosystems on behalf of local authorities, industry and all local hydrogen project owners. Our support services extend from the first ideas (identification and consolidation of uses, seeking out finance and strategic partners etc.) to the final realisation of the project in partnership with the best equipment manufacturers.

How it works: building the low-carbon hydrogen of tomorrow, piece by piece

Hydrogen value chain
Hydrogen value chain
Hydrogen value chain

The advantages of our solution

The management of gas infrastructures is part of our DNA. It is why our activities allow us to provide full logistical management of the molecule within and between local hydrogen ecosystems. Our expertise:

  • strategy planning and support,

  • hydrogen processing,

  • compression,

  • hydrogen transport by road or pipeline,

  • surface or geological storage for hydrogen,

  • distribution via filling stations for hydrogen mobility or to the end customer for industry.

Alongside this, we can also deploy innovative digital solutions to improve management, security, capacity and tracking of the flows and sources of hydrogen. Our digital tools can also help you control and optimise your energy consumption, thus improving your industrial and environmental performance.

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