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Logistics: the key to a successful hydrogen project Trust us to provide all your logistics services, from the production of hydrogen through to its distribution to end users.

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About our hydrogen logistics offer

We use our expertise and the expertise of our partners to facilitate the development of your hydrogen projects to the max. So we can offer you an all-encompassing and optimised H2 logistics service including:

  • hydrogen production with opportunities for co-investment,

  • hydrogen processing,

  • compression,

  • surface or geological storage for hydrogen,

  • metering,

  • hydrogen transport by road or pipeline,

  • distribution to the end customer or via filling stations for hydrogen mobility.

In addition to our technical solutions, we provide full logistics and end user distribution services, integrating digital monitoring solutions allowing optimal operation, along with traceability solutions to guarantee the source of the hydrogen.

How it works: turnkey hydrogen logistics

Business infrastructures: it’s in our DNA to offer full logistics for hydrogen within local or more global ecosystems. In the case of pipeline transport for hydrogen, we can thus take charge of the development, design, construction, and also financing of the necessary gas infrastructures. Our technical teams will also take charge of the operation and maintenance of hydrogen infrastructures throughout their service life.

Our hydrogen projects and services

To learn more about our expertise, take a look at a few projects led by the Teréga group's teams:

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