Hydrogen is an acknowledged lever for decarbonising mobility. With a score of zero particulates and zero greenhouse gas emissions from the exhaust, for vehicles using fuel cells, hydrogen mobility can contribute to improved air quality and still offer very high performance.

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Range and refuelling comparable with diesel.


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Access to low emission zones (LEZ)

Hydrogen: zero emission mobility

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are electric vehicles powered by a fuel cell supplied from a tank of hydrogen gas. The hydrogen is converted into electricity, which powers the vehicle, and water. So this type of engine gives off just water vapour and emits no particles at all. If the hydrogen being used has been produced by electrolysis using renewable electricity, it can then be described as a fully decarbonised and renewable fuel.

Today, hydrogen-powered utility vehicles are starting to be deployed in France, and this technology is also showing itself to be particularly suited to heavy vehicles: fleets of buses, waste collection vehicles, heavy goods vehicles etc. Hydrogen is even being envisaged for XXL mobility: aircraft, trains, ships etc.

The advantages of hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen mobility is the zero exhaust emission solution most closely matched to diesel in operational terms. It therefore has a number of advantages for the decarbonisation without compromise of transport:

  • no emission of polluting particles,

  • no emission of greenhouse gases from the exhaust,

  • fast refuelling, similar to internal combustion solutions,

  • range comparable to diesel,

  • involvement in the development of a local low-carbon or renewable hydrogen sector.

Our support

Our experts advise you on how best to develop your hydrogen mobility plans, according to your objectives and constraints, and the opportunities available in your area. According to your needs, we can support you from A to Z, from production of the hydrogen to the deployment of hydrogen filling stations for your vehicles:

  • design,

  • finance,

  • construction,

  • operation.

Our services

In October 2021, Teréga Solutions supported the Pure ETCR (Electric Tourism Car Racing) championship final on the Pau Arnos circuit as provider of technical, operational and regulatory coordination services for the supply of hydrogen. This was the first competitive closed-circuit race in France to use 100% electric touring cars! Between each lap, drivers could easily refill their cars at a multi-energy station equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, which have a smaller environmental footprint than traditional internal combustion units.

In 2022, we were also present at the FIA ETCR championship held as part of the Pau Grand Prix to offer the same services for refuelling electric cars.

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Do you want to use hydrogen to decarbonise your mobility? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to define your requirements. Our experts will support you in defining your plans.

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