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Industrial decarbonisation is one of the major challenges of the energy transition. Use our tailored hydrogen solutions to reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

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An industrial decarbonisation solution

Industrial decarbonisation is a major lever for achieving carbon neutrality targets in France and Europe. We support industry and local authorities in this energy transition by offering them turnkey decarbonisation solutions:

  • supplies of decarbonised hydrogen,

  • recovery and recycling of CO2 to produce synthetic methane, e-methanol or other e-fuels,

  • recovery and recycling of the heat and oxygen from electrolysis,

  • construction, installation, financing and operation of hydrogen fuelling stations for hydrogen vehicles.

How it works: decarbonised hydrogen and CO2 recycling

Our decarbonisation solutions adapt to your business’s challenges. We can thus supply you with low-carbon hydrogen, produced by electrolysis using renewable electricity, but we can also recover the lost energy released from your industrial processes (CO2, O2 etc.) so that you can produce energy locally. For example, the hydrogen can be combined with CO2 to give synthetic methane which can be used to replace natural gas for all its uses.

Our hydrogen projects

To learn more about our expertise, take a look at a few projects led by the Teréga group's teams:

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Whether you’re looking to decarbonise your industrial processes or your fleet of vehicles, or if your aim is to become self-sufficient in renewable energy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to set out a clear vision of your decarbonisation project.

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