The June 10, 2021

Teréga Solutions commits to participating in the listing of Hydrogène de France (HDF ENERGY) and signs a memorandum of understanding of strategic partnership for hydrogen develpment

On 7 July 2020, less than a year after signing an agreement between TEREGA SA and Hydrogène de France, “HDF Energy”, for the development of bulk storage of hydrogen in salt caverns and the launch of the HyGéo pilot project, TEREGA SOLUTIONS has committed to taking a €10m* stake in the listing of HDF Energy and is signing with it a strategic partnership memorandum of understanding to promote and encourage the deployment of the hydrogen value chain in France and Europe.

Larrau paysage des Pyrénées

Thanks to the complementary of the expertise of TEREGA SOLUTIONS and HDF Energy, the aim of the agreement is to design decarbonised solutions that meet the challenges and needs of the energy, industry and mobility sectors. It will jointly identify and address the most promising short/medium-term market segments by developing and implementing projects that involve hydrogen technologies and infrastructure.

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