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Methanisation is an energy recovery process whereby renewable gas is produced from organic waste. A virtuous technology that contributes to the ecological and energy transition, and at the same time encourages the circular economy. Explore our methanisation offers!

Dualmetha - Prémery plant

Encouraging the rise of methanisation the French way

We want to energise and support the methanisation industry, and help it take its rightful place in the energy mix. We particularly support a French approach to methanisation, comprising small and medium sized units, well integrated into the territory, and consistent with the way farming is structured across the nation. Our approach is developed in partnership with the different actors in the territory, to ensure all the stakeholders concerned are fully on board. That is the key to your project’s success.

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How does methanisation work?

Methanisation (or biomethanisation) uses the natural fermentation of certain waste matter to produce biogas. The raw materials used (or “inputs”) are organic waste from farming (manure, slurry, crop residues etc.), from agribusiness, or from local authorities (sewage sludge, household waste, cuttings from roadside verges etc.).

The process takes place within a methanisation unit: in a large tank, called a “digester”, the organic waste is heated and broken down by bacteria and micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen. This natural anaerobic digestion activity generates methane, a biogas that can be used directly to produce heat and electricity. It can also be injected into the natural gas grid to encourage the consumption of this renewable energy at a regional and national level. In this case, the biogas is purified so that its characteristics are similar to those of natural gas. This is referred to as “biomethane”.

Methanisation, a technology with multiple benefits

4 good reasons to get into methanisation

Through methanisation, organic waste becomes both a valuable source of renewable energy, but also an additional resource. In fact, methanisation gives you an additional source of income, guaranteed for 15 years under the injection purchase tariff fixed by ministerial order.

Methanisation allows you to recycle a wide variety of organic matter which, as far as the farm is concerned, is waste, and some of it comes with treatment costs attached. In addition, once the methanisation process is complete, there is some untransformed material that remains. This is known as digestate, and you can use it as a natural fertiliser, an alternative to synthetic fertilisers.

Biogas and biomethane production can be part of a circular economy approach, leading to many virtuous developments: local and non-relocatable energy production for local consumption, job creation, reducing dependence on chemical fertilisers, a solution for managing agricultural co-products, and much more.

Methanisation, by producing a renewable and local source of energy, helps reduce France’s dependence on imported fossil fuels, boosts its energy sovereignty, and represents a valuable resource for combating greenhouse gas emissions .

Biogas and biomethane can actually replace fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, because they can be transformed into heat, electricity or renewable fuel (BioNGV). According to “Methanisation in 10 questions” from Ademe, every kWh of biomethane injected into the gas grid could thus avoid 200 g of CO2 equivalent.

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