The November 23, 2023

Teréga Solutions and S3d Ingénierie join forces to develop methanisation projects.

Teréga Solutions, a subsidiary of the Teréga group, and S3d Ingénierie, a subsidiary of the KERAN group, a consultancy specialising in waste-to-energy recovery and alternative fuels (NGV, hydrogen, biodiesel, etc.), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a view to developing methanisation projects in collaboration with farmers and farmers’ organisations. This partnership will draw on the complementary skills and respective expertise of both entities.


Committed to sustainable, concerted and beneficial agricultural methanization, these players are joining forces to

To make this vision a reality, Teréga Solutions has joined forces with S3D Ingénierie, a company that has been specializing in project support for almost 15 years. Founded in February 2007 by engineers/doctors specializing in energy and process engineering, S3D Ingénierie aims to provide innovative solutions for the energy recovery of industrial, community and agricultural waste.

This collaboration aims to support farmers wishing to convert their farm residues into a renewable, low-carbon form of energy, accessible via gas transmission and distribution networks. Industrial synergies between the two partners will facilitate the deployment of infrastructures aligned with local environmental objectives.

Within the framework of this partnership, Teréga Solutions will be responsible for prospecting new areas and developing new projects, as well as managing the project developers. S3D Ingénierie contributes its know-how to the development studies, enabling us to accompany these projects through to the construction phase.

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