The July 6, 2023

Teréga Solutions and Solagro join forces to develop methanisation projects

On Thursday, 6th of July, Teréga Solutions, a subsidiary of the Teréga group, and Solagro, a collective company specialising in engineering, consultancy and training in the agroecology and methanisation sector, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the development of methanisation projects for farmers and groups of farmers. This partnership will be built on the respective strengths and expertise of these two stakeholders with their complementary skills.


Stakeholders committed to sustainable agricultural methanisation that benefits territories

Teréga Solutions is committed to being the preferred partner of farmers in developing “made in France” agricultural methanisation.

To make this vision a reality, Teréga Solutions has joined forces with Solagro, a leading player in the field of methanisation in France, with Qualimétha certification.

This collaboration aims to support farmers who want to make the most of the residues from their farms by creating renewable, low-carbon energy that is accessible to everyone via the gas transmission and distribution networks. The industrial synergies between these two players will also encourage the development of infrastructure that is in line with local environmental objectives.

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