The June 29, 2021

Teréga Solutions launches IO-BASE, a digital platform serving the energy transition and industrial performance

Teréga Solutions is launching IO-BASE, a cloud-based, high security solution for the collection, storage, viewing and utilisation of industrial data, whose aim is to improve industrial performance.


“The energy sector faces great change at the moment. It is reinventing itself, and digital is one of the keys to that reinvention. IO-BASE represents an innovative and ground-breaking digital approach that responds to the challenges of cybersecurity, industrial data sovereignty and digital frugality. We are proud to present this solution. ”
Dominique Mockly, Chairman of Teréga Solutions

“IO-BASE bears witness to our historic capacity to acquire, manage and secure data in such a highly sensitive sector as gas. This platform is the mutualisation of industrial and digital expertise, with the aim of improving the management of data and industrial processes.”
Emilie Bouquier, Director of the Multi-Energy & Digital BU of Teréga Solutions

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