The November 15, 2022

Teréga Solutions and OMNEGY join forces for a rapid response to the challenges of energy sobriety

The issue of energy sobriety is at the core of the energy crisis, so Teréga Solutions, an energy transition accelerator, and OMNEGY, an energy consultant, have joined forces to rise to this challenge more rapidly and effectively. This strategy will provide users with the essential keys to carry out their energy-saving actions.

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Teréga Solutions offers a scalable service based on the management of energy sobriety, improvement of energy efficiency and decarbonisation of industry.

Teréga Solutions is more than ever invested in facilitating the energy transition of its customers and partners. We are proud to join forces with OMNEGY to offer manufacturers
solutions to improve their energy efficiency and sobriety, which are the first steps in a
decarbonisation strategy.”
Émilie Bouquier, of the Multi-Energy and Digital Business Unit
at Teréga Solutions.

OMNEGY works alongside industrial, tertiary and local authority energy consumers to help
them optimise their energy budgets. TEREGA’s IO-Base solution is now systematically
proposed to our customers, as it represents a decisive step in an Energy Master Plan, with
real energy savings at stake that are measurable and controllable.
" Edouard Letzelter, Director of the Energy Efficiency Business at OMNEGY

Emilie BOUQUIER (Teréga Solutions) and Edouard Letzelter (OMNEGY)

A clear combination of the two energy experts

Based on their specific offers, Teréga Solutions and OMNEGY have decided to combine their expertise to develop a joint differentiating offer designed to support manufacturers in their energy sobriety and efficiency challenges by providing notable short-term solutions in their desire to decarbonise their use in the long term.

The joint offer will provide the following additional services:

  • Energy audit

  • Identification of levers for energy sobriety and efficiency, the uses to be decarbonised

  • Collection and sharing of measured data via the Indabox solution

  • Management and optimisation of energy consumption and sources measured via the IoBase solution

  • The technical and economic study of energy efficiency and/or decarbonisation solutions dealing with technical sizing, permitting, costing, an economic study and project risk analysis

  • An Engineering Procurement and Construction department for the implementation phase

  • A study of eligibility and assistance in obtaining the associated funding

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