Our partnership strategy: Let’s accelerate together!

We can go better and faster when experts work together, so for that reason we create strong and dynamic partnerships based on trust and the sharing of true common values.


Cutting-edge expertise in interconnecting energy

Creating links between complementary skills helps us accelerate the energy transition and put innovation within everyone’s reach in a number of key fields:

  • By creating low-carbon mobility solutions that arerobust, suited to the market, and sustainable.

  • By establishing a comprehensive biomethane offer: from the input to the end user, including production and delivery.

  • By building a hydrogen offer that covers the whole value chain, from the initial H2 ecosystem design to its use, helping local authorities and industry to decarbonise their use.

Yann Mercier -Dualmétha

Highly committed to the energy transition, and in particular the substitution of imported natural gas by biomethane, Teréga Solutions is an appropriate partner for a young company such as DualMétha. Teréga Solutions also draws on its reliability and expertise in the gas industry, and its strong involvement will enhance the development of DualMétha’s projects.

Yann MercierDirector and co-founder of DualMétha

Why should you become a Teréga Solutions partner?

Our drive for long-term industrial collaboration is part of our very DNA. Firmly anchored within the Teréga Group, we combine the responsiveness of a dynamic structure with the strength of an industrial group. Establishing a partnership with us means benefiting from both our solidity and our agility.

As an investor and industrial player specialising in infrastructure and midstream (energy logistics), we are a strategic partner, helping develop innovative solutions to serve the multi-energy approach. We have a very clear vision of the markets within the sector, their capacities and their needs. The key to effective development.

Tailored partnerships

Our partnerships take a number of forms, adapting to each project’s specific characteristics. In the hydrogen sector, we work in investment or co-investment, co-development, co-construction and co-operation.In the biomethane and mobility sectors, we establish turnkey development or co-development, construction or co-construction, investment and co-investment partnerships.


Here is a more specific list of the types of partners we seek:

  • Those working in the hydrogen sector (producers and transporters)

  • Consumers or future consumers of hydrogen as an energy carrier or for synthetic methane or e-fuel production.

  • Agricultural or territorial methanisation project owners (farmers, project developers, communities of municipalities etc.).

  • Leaders in technological solutions adapted to methanisation, upstream or downstream of the process.

Sacha Leroux - CEO of Starting Blocks

We’re proud to be a part of Teréga Solutions’ ambitions through the creation of disruptive digital solutions to support change in the energy sector.

Sacha LerouxCEO OF Starting Blocks

Future partners: could it be you?

Do you have a renewable energy project (biomethane, hydrogen, NGV/bioNGV etc.), or are you developing a technological solution applicable to these fields?

Don’t hesitate to join us.

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